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Garrowhill Community Council

About Garrowhill


Garrowhill is a residential area within the wider Baillieston suburb of Glasgow, Scotland.
Built in the 1930s, Garrowhill became a neighbouring housing estate to the Baillieston village until 1975 when both areas were brought into Glasgow City boundaries.

The area surrounding has continued to grow, providing us with great connections on all transport routes, including direct trains to Edinburgh and Glasgow Queen Street from Garrowhill Train Station. Nearby are easy connections to the various main motorways in the Glasgow area, as well as connecting bus routes.

Due to the growth, various new amenities have developed, including various award winning restaurants and shops.

Garrowhill Park has recently opened new outdoor tennis courts and has a new toddler park in progress, as well as a current sports court for basketball/football etc and a play park.

There is also an upcoming new Community Sports Centre in development that will include various offers of use and house the new local library for the Baillieston Ward

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